High School students help North Main win playground contest

Emma Malabanan, Staff Writer

North Main Elementary School recently won a contest held by Dannon Danimals, Project Fit America and ShopRite that awarded them $25,000 to build a new playground.

In order to win the contest, the district encouraged students and staff to vote online.

According to the district press release, “the key is to vote EACH DAY from ALL of your email addresses. It’s that simple. One minute per day to vote. That’s all we ask… The rest is up to M-W families and our school community.”

Voting was open to anyone who is 13 or older, and there was a one vote limit per day for each email that is used. In order to vote, one must live in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

In order for North Main to be named one of the 46 finalists, North Main Principal Mr. Coto and the physical education teachers, Coach Pesce and Coach Fisher, put in a lot of effort.

Fortunately, we have a large school community and it’s up to [the community] to put forth the effort and vote. With their support we can definitely succeed,” said Coach Pesce.

The school was required to send in a letter saying how winning would be a tremendous addition to our innovative and dynamic to our physical education curriculum. North Main was nominated to be a candidate in the contest after this letter was written and submitted.

“I think it’s great for the kids and the kids in the future, too,” said Mr. Foley, a secretary at North Main.

Chromebooks were set up on tables outside of both the large and small cafeterias in the high school so students and teachers get the opportunity to vote for North Main in the contest, too.

I think this opportunity is amazing and I truly hope it comes to fruition for North Main. It would benefit generations of future North Mainers. I myself have been voting from every email address I have every single day,” said Mrs. Hotto, North Main’s orchestra teacher.