Students perform fall play ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’


Emma Malabanan, Staff Writer

On November 2 and 3 at 7 p.m., the high school’s fall production, Mutually Assured Destruction was performed.

“The play was about a series of 10 vignettes about brother and sister relationships through a century of time,” said Ms. Balousek, the play’s director. 

According to Ms. Balousek and Emma Dawson, who played the roles of Tara in Mutually Assured Destruction and Mary in Lassoing an Angel, the final performance of the show went as they hoped.

“I think it was good! It was actually a great performance. I feel like everything came together in the performance. It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of enjoyment being able to work with the great cast, and I feel like the whole time we had a great time. So, the performance was like a celebration of that and everything went well and everything was fabulous,” said Dawson.

The roles assigned to students in the play are chosen based on how well the student fits the part and other qualities that can make for a great performance.

“…we’re looking for, you know, the ability to project, their ability to act, their timeliness; there’s a whole set of qualities that I’d love to have in a human that is on stage with me,” said Ms. Balousek.

The production was entertaining for the students performing in the show and for the audience watching it. This play has also served as a platform for students to work together and form a family-like bond by getting to know each other over a few weeks.

“I felt like the cast this year was really tightly knit and able to work together well. I thought that it was funny that the show itself was kind of revolves around sibling relationships because the cast was really a lot of a family this year, especially in the final weeks. It all came together like we all had separate scenes, but we all kind of worked together well to make one great product,” said Dawson.