The 2018 high school winter concert starts off with chamber orchestra, voice and wind ensemble


Gavin Otero, Staff Writer

November 8 was an exciting date for the top musical groups of Monroe-Woodbury High School.

On this day, the MW voice ensemble, chamber orchestra, and wind ensemble, each conducted by Dr. Crone, Ms. Glazier, and Mr. Regan respectively, had their first concert of the year, the winter concert.

For many, this was their first experience in an advanced music group, causing some anxiety and concern.

However, these worries quickly faded as the groups began to perform.

The voice ensemble performed first followed by the chamber orchestra and the wind ensemble. All three groups left the audience in awe and mouths were agape when the wind ensemble ended the final, triumphant song of the concert.

“I think they all sounded phenomenal and really gave outstanding performances showing true musicality,” said chamber orchestra violist, Sohan Saha.

This experience was also emotional for the many seniors in these musical ensembles, as it was their last winter concert at Monroe-Woodbury.

“It was emotional for me because all my senior friends were leaving,” said Emily Schacher, a senior and veteran of the wind and voice ensembles.

Seniors could be found hugging family and friends or crying as they realized the immense importance this night will hold.

“It was a great concert because it gave us one last time to perform together,” said Schacher.