The artist of the month for September and October : Zion Amparo


Will Carter, Staff Writer

Senior Zion Amparo is the artist of the month(s) for September and October. This is rather unusual: most times a visual artist is chosen as the artist of the month, but Zion Amparo is a singer and an actor.

Amparo said that he was surprised when he was first notified about this achievement.

“[I am] really honored, shocked, and happy,” said Amparo.

Immediately, he saw a change in his school status, as people who he had never spoken to before started to recognize his face from the display case on A floor. The display case was decorated by him and another art student to resemble the curtains of a stage.

This year, Amparo was the student director of the fall play, “Mutually Assured Destruction”, along with Beth Balousek. He shared duties with Balousek that a normal director would have, such as guiding the actors in finding their inner artist in the quest of putting on the best show possible.

According to Amparo, one of his acting accomplishments was going to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) for their summer program, which is a school conservatory in the city. He got accepted to go there for college, and AMDA could give him the platform that he needs to jump-start his acting career.

Amparo plans to be as successful as possible in the acting industry and hopes to positively impact as many people as he can during his journey. He said that he knows that it will be hard, but he is willing to put in the work to chase his dream.