Students have opportunities to earn college credits in high school


Chloe Saldanha, Staff Writer

The University in the High School Program and Advanced Placement courses offer opportunities for college credit to students in the high school. The programs allow students to take more advanced classes while earning college credits at a lower price.

“UHS courses can help students begin to develop the skills and experience necessary for academic success in higher education,” according to the University in the High School website.

The UHS Program was designed to provide students in high schools with the opportunity to earn credit from the University at Albany.

“I feel that the AP classes and college classes in the high school give students an excellent start on advanced education in college,” said Mr. Decker, the science department chair. “Many students are earning enough credits to start school as sophomores thereby allowing them to finish four-year degrees in three years.”

Monroe-Woodbury High School also offers AP (Advanced Placement) Courses in the areas of Science, ELA, Math and Social Studies.

“The AP classes in the school are all challenging, yet interesting and beneficial. They help you to work hard even when all you want to do is graduate,” said senior Brendan Fernandes.

“The class focuses on themes instead of facts, and requires work ethic,” said Sarah Gonzalez, who is currently taking AP World History. “It’s worth it if you’re willing to put in the work.”

Some younger students look forward to the opportunity to receive college credits.

“It would be amazing to take college-level classes in the high school,” said freshman Varun Gambhir. “They will prepare me for university.”