The importance of actively preventing illness in winter


Washing hands can be an important step in preventing disease.

Lauren Quioto, Contributing Writer

As winter continues, so does the onset of different types of illnesses. Some common illnesses people get this time of year are strep throat, the flu, and the common cold.

Every year around 100,000 people get strep throat, which can be easily spread from person to person. A common place for strep throat to spread is school. Schools take many precautions to stop the spreading of germs, including instructing their students to avoid those who are infected with strep throat and other illnesses. For students that are already sick, the best way to prevent spreading disease and get better is to stay home. 

Another way schools try to prevent illness is telling students not to share food and drinks with others. Parents already share this information with their own kids.

Parent, Rebecca Ragland, said that she tells her children “to use their water bottle” and “not drink after other people.”

If you don’t share food with others then it’s less likely to get infected.

Schools also encourage students to wash their hands regularly. Hand-washing doesn’t just get rid of strep throat, but it can also get rid of other germs and bacteria, too. 

Another way schools attempt to prevent illness is by emphasizing the importance of covering your mouth when you cough. 

When a person with strep throat coughs or sneezes, germs travel throughout the air. The people around them are more likely to be infected.