Top 25 announced for class of 2019

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Top 25 announced for class of 2019

Yena Lee, Editor-in-Chief

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On Tuesday, May 7, the top 25 students of the class of 2019 were announced at the high school. The school administrators and teachers surprised each one of them during their school day.

A few weeks before the top 25 was announced, the students had to complete a senior survey, and one of the questions was about teachers who had a great impact on their lives. To help the administrators share the good news, those teachers who impacted the individuals in the top 25 made surprise visits to the students and gave them certificates.

The video that recorded the announcement can be found here.

Students were later invited to the top 25 luncheon on Wednesday, May 22. Their parents or guardians were invited to celebrate their achievement together.

At the luncheon, high school principal Mr. Kaste called each student up and announced to the students and parents their GPA, committed college, future plans, and their favorite memory while in Monroe-Woodbury. He also handed out little gifts that had a picture of them and their teacher who came to announce their achievement.

The following list of names are the students in the top 25 with the college they are attending and their major.

Ian Ackerman: Brown University, major in applied mathematics

Reid Backus: University of Michigan, major in engineering with minor in business

Nicole Beneat: Stony Brook University, major in psychology

Justin Brander: American University, major in business and entrepreneurship

Emma Cohen: University of Delaware, major undeclared

Lily Cohen: University of South Carolina, major in dance and exercise science

Jenna Costelloe: UNC Chapel Hill, major in chemistry biology

Bryan Coto Gonzalez: The Cooper Union, major in civil engineering

Anusha Dawson: Villanova University, major in international business and management information technology

Emma Dawson: Fordham University, major in business

Brendan Fernandes: Northeastern University, major in mechanical engineering

Christian Guaraca: Johns Hopkins University, major in biomedical engineering

Elizabeth Hamann: Renesselaer Polytechnic Institute, major in biomedical engineering

Rachel Hirschkind: SUNY Geneseo, major in chemistry

Alex Kumar: Binghamton University, major in business

Yena Lee: University of Virginia, major in biology

Tessa Lytle: Worcester Polytechnic Institute, major in mechanical engineering

Sophia Maier: Fordham University, major in history

Mia Montecillo: Stevens Institute of Technology, major in chemical biology

Jessical Pidgeon: University of Delaware, major in elementary education

Sohan Saha: Rutgers University, major in molecular biology and biochemistry

Jody Smith: Stony Brook University, major in biology

Kazi Tasneem: Cornell University, major in chemistry and chemical biology

Victoria Terracino: Quinnipiac University, major in occupational therapy

Victor Yang: Tufts University, major in biology

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